Events and weddings

Are you about to celebrate a big birthday? Or are you marrying your true love? This needs to be celebrated. And would not it be nice to not have to think of everything? We will gladly arrange your party – big or small.

We have extensive experience in organizing private events at the manor. We have been trusted to arrange many parties and wedding receptions. And every time our guests have been very pleased. Who does not think that it’s nice to be able to enjoy their own party, and not have any responsibility? Sit back and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

We take care of the planning

We arrange everything from the flowers, wines and liqueurs to the coffee. We make sure that we have not forgotten anything. And since our aim is that you should be able to fully enjoy your event -we are happy arrange tailor-made solutions for you. Get in touch so we can find a arrange a tailor made event for you!

Where to Stay

Even if you are not going to celebrate for three days, we know that it is extremely popular among birthday and wedding guests to stay overnight. Why not extend the experience? Get a good nights sleep, eat a hearty breakfast and take a walk in our beautiful garden or the magical forest.

We welcome orders for food and / or accommodation , if you are a party of at least 12 people. If we are open and have other events at the same time then we can accommodate smaller groups.

Call for information / booking on +46-(0)505-210 25.

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